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What are the cautions in the use of drive shafts?
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Our company is a professional manufacturer of transmission shaft, the company adopts the most advanced production equipment and high-quality production team, widely used in various industries, products sold at home and abroad market. Here's a brief account of the drive shaft.

The transmission shaft is a round object fitting that can be moved or rotated by assembling or assembling parts. It is usually made of alloy steel tubes which are light and good in torsion. For a front engine, a rear wheel drive, the transmission is transmitted to the shaft of the main reducer. It can be joined several times by a universal joint.

Heavy truck according to the driving form, choose different types of transmission shaft. In general, 4 x 2 drive cars have only one main drive shaft. 6 x 4 drive car has intermediate drive shaft, main drive shaft and middle and rear axle drive shaft. 6 x 6 drive type automobile not only has intermediate drive shaft, main drive shaft and middle and rear axle drive shaft, but also has front axle drive transmission shaft. In the middle of the long wheelbase vehicle, the transmission shaft is usually supported by a transmission shaft, consisting of a support frame, bearings, and rubber bearings.

The drive shaft is composed of an axle tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. The universal joint is to ensure the change of the angle between the output shaft of the transmission shaft and the two axis of the input shaft of the [2] drive axle, and to realize the two axis equal angle speed transmission. General cardan shaft, cross shaft, cross bearing and flange fork. Drive shaft universal joint Steyr series heavy duty truck used roller cross axle bearing, with short thick cross shaft, can transfer large torque. A butterfly spring is provided at the end of the bearing to compress the roller. A reinforced nylon gasket with spiral grooves is added to the end face of the cross axle, so that the large angle or big rotating distance can be prevented from being sintered when the power is transmitted.

The traditional structure of the drive shaft telescopic sleeve is to weld the spline sleeve and the flange fork together, and the spline shaft is welded on the drive shaft tube. The transmission shaft of GWB company changes the traditional structure, and the spline sleeve is welded into the shaft of the drive shaft, and the spline shaft and the flange fork are made into an integral whole. The rectangular spline spline is changed into involute spline with large pressure angle, which increases the strength and is easy to be extruded and formed, so as to meet the requirement of large torque working condition. The outer surface of the tooth of the telescopic sleeve and the spline shaft is covered with a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the abrasion resistance and self lubrication, but also reduces the damage caused by the impact load on the transmission shaft, and improves the buffering capacity.

This type of drive shaft in the flange of the spline shaft adds a sealed tubular protective sleeve, two polyurethane rubber oil seal is arranged on the end part of the protective sleeve, make the factory a completely sealed space to form a telescopic sleeve, the flexible spline shaft from erosion outside dust, dust and rust not only. Therefore, in the assembly, in the spline shaft and the sleeve with a one-time grease, it can fully meet the use requirements, do not need to install glib lubrication, reducing the maintenance content.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the transmission shaft and prolong its service life, attention should be paid to the use of the drive shaft:

1., cars are strictly prohibited to start with high-speed gear.

2. do not toss the clutch pedal.

3., no overloading of cars, speeding.

4. the working condition of the transmission shaft should be checked regularly.

5., should always check the drive shaft hanger fastening situation, support rubber damage, the drive shaft of the connecting parts are loose, whether the transmission shaft deformation.

6. in order to ensure the dynamic balance of drive shaft, should always pay attention to the balance sheet or desoldering welding. Driving shaft assembly is provided, in driving axle loading should be paid attention to when the telescopic sleeve assembly mark, should ensure that the forks in a plane. When the drive shaft is removed, the assembly mark shall be printed on the expansion sleeve and the flange shaft so as to keep the original distribution unchanged during the reassembly.

7. grease shall be added to the universal cross bearing all the time. The No. 3 lithium base grease shall be injected in summer and the No. 2 lithium base grease shall be injected in winter.

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