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        Common faults diagnosis and elimination of transmission shaft
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        Diagnosis and elimination of common faults of transmission shaft:

        1, the transmission shaft mechanical damage, wear and tear, deformation and loss of balance, will make the car in operation abnormal noise and vibration, serious when it will cause damage to the relevant components. A car, "Gordon" sound in the initial or faster, but also showed significant mechanical loosening of the feeling, if not the drive axle gear transmission shaft mechanical loosening. The loose parts are nothing more than cross universal joint bearings or steel bowls and flanges, telescopic sleeves, spline shafts and spline sleeves. Generally speaking, the diameter of the cross shaft and the clearance of the bearing shall not exceed 0.13 mm, and the flexible spline shaft shall be meshed with the spline sleeve, and the clearance shall not be greater than 0.3. In the extreme, should be repaired or replaced.

        2, if there is a vehicle chassis "buzz" sound, and higher speed, loud voice. This is usually due to wear and tear of the cardan shaft, cross shaft and bearing, looseness of the middle bearing of the drive shaft, damage or looseness of the intermediate rubber bearing, or because the hanger is fixed in the wrong place.

        3, 6 * 4 heavy load, especially when traveling on the slope, occasionally knock, should pay attention to check the balance between the rear axle balance shaft and the drive shaft. The speed of the operation of the car increases if the noise increases, and the ensuing jitter, which is usually due to unbalanced transmission shafts. This vibration is the most common in the cab. The dynamic unbalance of the drive shaft shall be less than 100g.cm

        4, the transmission shaft balance failure, serious will lead to damage to the relevant parts. The most common is the cracking of the clutch housing and the fatigue damage of the intermediate rubber bearings. 

        5, it is important to install a hanger in the middle of the drive shaft. If the tower is improperly installed, it will increase the transmission shaft resistance and noise, leading to early damage bearings. A mounting hanger, hanger fixed bolts do not tighten, drive the wheel of the car jack away from the ground, low gear, slowly rotate the drive shaft of the drive shaft and the hanger automatically aligned, and then stand the fixed bolt.

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