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        How do I fit the couplings on the shaft?
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        (1) static pressing method: this method is based on the size of the pressing force needed during assembly, and uses a clamp, a jack, a manual or a motor-driven press. The static pressing method is generally used for conical shaft holes. Because the static pressing method is limited by the pressure machinery, it is difficult to exert great force when the interference is large. At the same time, the indentation process will cut off between the shaft coupling and shaft with small convex peak surface uneven, the surface is damaged. Therefore, this method is not widely used.

        (2) dynamic pressing method: this method refers to the use of impact tools or machinery to complete the assembly process, generally used for coupling between shaft and shaft, is a transition or coordination of small occasions. Methods the hand hammer usually assembly site method is in the hub on the end face of pad on a block of wood or other soft material as a buffer, depending on the impact hammer, the coupling type.

        (3) the temperature difference assembly method: the coupling is heated or expanded by cooling, or the shaft end is cold contracted by the cooling method, so that the shaft coupling can be conveniently mounted on the shaft. This method has many advantages over the static indentation method and the dynamic indentation method. It is very suitable to adopt the temperature difference assembly method for the hub made of brittle materials. The temperature difference assembly method mostly uses the heating method, and the cooling method uses less.

        (4) inspection after assembly: after the shaft is assembled on the shaft, the verticality and coaxiality of the shaft and shaft should be checked carefully. The general is provided with two dial gauge on the end face and the outer circle of the coupling, turning the shaft, the beating observation coupling (including end face and radial jumpiness) numerical determination of coupling and shaft verticality and the concentricity of the situation.

        High speed rotating machinery requires a high degree of coaxiality for couplings and shafts, and a high degree of coaxiality can not be obtained by using single key links. Double coaxial connections or spline connections can improve the coaxiality of both of them.

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